The Dyslexic Student and Mathematics in Higher Education

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The authors investigated barriers to success in mathematics arising due to dyslexia.

This research was conducted by Glynis Perkin, Tony Croft. It was published in 2007. The information is suitable for Higher Education. The information is suitable for Disability Practitioner, Lecturer. Further information can be found at:


This research is relevant to:

The particular STEM challenges considered are:


  • The challenges successfully met were:
    • None
  • To meet these challenges the following processes were employed:
    • None
  • The following skills were also built:
    • None

Overview of content

  • Introduction
  • Research methods
  • Mathematics in Higher Education
    • Content
    • Delivery
    • Procedures and Processes
    • Assessment
  • The students
    • Exploratory Studies
    • Explanatory Studies
    • One-to-one Support
  • Difficulties encountered and support provided
    • Content
    • Delivery
    • Procedures and Processes
    • Assessment
  • Inventory of solutions
  • Recommendations
  • Concluding remarks and future research

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