Methods to Produce Flexible and Accessible Learning Resources in Mathematics

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This project explored methods to produce flexible and accessible learning resources for mathematics with a focus on producing a guide for staff in HEI to enable them as individuals to create flexible resources efficiently and robustly. The work was funded by the HESTEM Mathematics Curriculum Innovation project.

A short paper (pages 35-43) describes the work and a website documents the processes.

This development was produced by Emma Cliffe, Jane White. Information is correct as of 2012. The information is suitable for Higher Education. The information is suitable for Assistive Technologist, Disability Practitioner, Lecturer. Further information can be found at:


This development is relevant to:

The particular STEM challenges considered are:


Overview of content

Section headings:

  • Introduction
  • Overview of the literature
  • Student views
  • Staff views
    • Teaching staff
    • Support staff
  • Process used to produce the methods
  • Evaluation
  • Conclusions
  • Outputs
  • Next steps

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