Making online maths accessible to disabled students - issues and lessons from the Open University’s experience

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This case study was written by Martyn Cooper. It provides information suitable for Higher Education. It provides information suitable for Assistive Technologist. Further information can be found at:



Overview of content

The section headings are:

  • Context
  • Understanding the problem
    • Web Content Accessibility
    • What is different about maths?
    • Interrelated issues across the authoring, technical presentation and teaching and learning processes
  • Issues of encoding
    • Encoding as images
    • Encoding as MathML
  • Issues of presentation
    • Note on maths and Braille
    • Note on TeX and LaTeX
  • Issues of interaction
  • Issues of pedagogy
  • Current practice at the OU
    • Browser issues with MathML – issues of support for the OU
    • What the OU is seeking to move towards
    • Outstanding issues
    • Unresolved dilemmas
  • Concluding comment
  • Recommendations

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