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This guide is suitable for Lecturers and is specific to Mathematics, Statistics and Operational Research.

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What does a lecturer need to understand?

Students can experience specific challenges which might be unexpected to those without a background in Mathematics, Statistics and Operational Research. The challenges experienced in Higher Education may not be the same as at Secondary Education. Even when the challenges remain the same the approaches which best enable a student may change. It is important to be aware:

  • That a student may not have been adequately prepared for this transition if Disability Practitioners and Assistive Technologists do not understand the issues
  • That technology they have been provided with may not work well for mathematical content and they may be unaware of this
  • That the study strategies they are taught may not be effective for mathematical content
  • That some document formats cannot be adapted by the student to their needs and do not enable assistive technology to do their job

Working collaboratively with staff in other departments and with students themselves is important. Contact with a Mathematics and Statistics support service with links to the sigma Network might be helpful and you or another member of staff might join the sigma Accessibility SIG mailing list.

Accessible mathematical content

Creating accessible documents which contain mathematics requires extra steps which may need to be completed by someone with mathematical knowledge. Depending on how you create your content you may accidentally create documents which cannot be used effectively, or at all. Some documents will need to be converted by you, another department or the student. Some ways of creating content make this impossible, other ways mean that someone with mathematical or technical knowledge must complete the work. If you are careful in how you create documents it is possible for some conversions to be carried out automatically.

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