Converting Word to Speech (Electronic) with CAR/Disability Practitioner

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Central Access Reader is freely available and is unlikely to be recommended to students as part of a needs assessment. If they have been recommend Text-to-speech but are studying a mathematical subject they may find it useful to use CAR to read directly.

CAR is not Screen Reader accessible but is the only software which may be able to convert some Word and Word (Structured) documents. You may need staff to learn this method for converting Word to Speech (Electronic) on behalf of students.

If a member of staff reports that a Word document does not convert with Central Access Reader then this means the document is quite inaccessible. To improve the accessibility of the document the author should convert it to Word (Structured) or Word (Structured; MathType).

Further information

The information on this page extends that on Converting Word to Speech (Electronic) with CAR but is relevant specifically for those in role Disability Practitioner.

Explaining problems to authors

To explain a problem with a Word document to an author you might direct them to the following links: