Assistive technology for a degree in a mathematical subject

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This guide is suitable for Assistive Technologists and is specific to Mathematics, Statistics and Operational Research.

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What is different about mathematics?

Students who study mathematical subjects may need to take different approaches and use different assistive technology due to the ways in which the subject is communicated. It is important to understand that a student new to Higher Education may not have learnt these approaches in Secondary Education.

Accessible mathematical content

Mathematical content produced in common document formats may not be accessible using assistive technology and students may not be able to use standard approaches to adapt the document format to their needs. Creating accessible documents which contain mathematics requires extra steps and in some cases a document may need to be converted to a different format for any adaptions or assistive technology to work at all. Not all of these conversions can be carried out automatically and the particular format might need to be chosen based on the adaption the student requires or the assistive technology they are using. In some cases the assistive technology provided will not work with any mathematical content. In this case there may be free technology available which fulfils a similar role and you may need to install and train a student to use this instead.

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