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You may update and add multiple processes to this page in the subsection Add processes below. You will see the current processes displayed first. To add a new process or a new step to a process click the button "Add a step" which will provide a new copy of the form. If this is a new process then select first step of process. You will then be asked to:

  • provide a title,
  • provide explanatory text which will display before the new process and
  • describe the first step of the process.

If this is a new step to the current process then indicate that this is not the first step and then just describe the step. Remember to indicate when a step is a final step to prevent an arrow displaying after the step.

When adding body text you may wish to use formatting and links.

Add processes

{{{for template|Steps|multiple|label=Input a section about a process|add button text=Add a step}}}

First step of a process? {{{field|First|input type=radiobutton|mandatory|default=Yes|values=Yes,No|show on select=Yes=>Title}}}

{{{field|Title|input type=text|placeholder=Title of process}}} {{{field|Introduction|input type=textarea|placeholder=Insert any explanatory text about the process here|autogrow}}}

{{{field|Explanation|input type=textarea|placeholder=Explain a step of the process here, to add more steps press 'add a step' button below|autogrow}}}

Is this the final step of the process? {{{field|Final|input type=radiobutton|mandatory|default=No|values=Yes,No}}}
{{{end template}}}