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Do you have expertise, experience and knowledge in the area of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Accessibility in the UK? Can you add this to our wiki? Please contact us to request a login - for quality control reasons only registered users can edit the site.

Links for collaborators

Please avoid editing forms, templates, categories and properties unless you are sure you know what will happen next! We would prefer you concentrate on sharing information!

Small, form based edits

  • You do not have to make extensive edits and most pages are edited using a form to simplify matters. Each piece of information added is helpful. Even if you are not sure of the best way to communicate information please add it - others can then improve the page from there.
  • The easiest way to start editing is to find a page you can add to and then click on edit. The keyboard shortcut alt-shift-& will also open a form for editing. Any problems using the forms - drop us a mail.
    • When filling in longer text boxes you may wish to use formatting and links.
  • You can browse the underlying content of the site or

Adding new pages

Pages should also be added via forms. Each page has a category. For instance you may wish to share a Personal Experience, Case study, area of Development or Research. Or you could start to make additions by browsing contents already in categories and then adding missing items.

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