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Do you have expertise, experience and knowledge in the area of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Accessibility in the UK? Can you add this to our wiki? Please contact us to request a login - for quality control reasons only registered users can edit the site.

Links for collaborators

Please avoid editing forms, templates, categories and properties unless you are sure you know what will happen next! We would prefer you concentrate on sharing information!

Editing a page which already exists

  • You do not have to make extensive edits and most pages area edited using a form to simplify matters. Each piece of information added is helpful.
  • The easiest way to start editing is to find a page you can add to and either pressing accesskey e or clicking on the dropdown menu and selecting edit.

Any problems using the forms - drop us a mail.

Adding new pages

Pages should also be added via forms. Each page has a category, below are links to some of the key categories. A link to the form to add a new member of each category is available at the top of the category page:

The full data available on the Wiki can be browsed via Browse Data. From here you will see other low level and high level categories which are used to structure the information.

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